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Sending Documents

Normally, when we have to send documents to somebody, we have one of the following two methods:

  1. Send documents by email or
  2. Print and send documents by courier

which can be depicted pictorially, as below.

Sending the Documents

What if the Receiver What if the Sender

To address these and many more scenarios smoothly, Virphy is the anwer.

What's Virphy

Virphy is a service that facilitates sending of documents between the digital divide, as illustrated below.

Virphy the Documents

When you Virphy the documents, for the sender, it's like sending an email, but for the receiver they receive nicely printed physical documents. Virphy,

Currently you can only send PDF documents thru Virphy.

How Virphy Works

Virphy is a cloud based service that you can access from anywhere by visiting the URL: virphy.smuuth.services. To use the service, normally both the Sender and Receiver have to be registered users.



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Virphy Features


In Virphy users can set various preferences, which are called Rules, as detailed below.

Payment Method

Who Pays

Processing Rules

This is one of the very powerful feature of Virphy that will let receivers run following actions on the documents sent to their Virphy email ID before they are printed or sent by email.

  1. Remove password in the password protected PDF documents
  2. Rename the file to a more meaningful name
  3. ZIP each attachment in the mail
  4. ZIP all attachments in the mail to a single .zip file
  5. ZIP each/all attachments with a password
  6. Send the processed attachments as Email to a specified email ID

The above actions (as specified by the receiver) will be run in a sequence of steps where output of one step is taken as the input to the next step. If the last action in the sequence is sending an email and then those documents will not printed for physical delivery.

Just using action (1) above will let receivers print and deliver documents which are password protected, such as bank statements, telephone bill statements etc.

Virphy will provide more and more such actions in the future providing many processing possibilities for the users on the documents they receive. With this feature, Virphy delivery capability can be shown as below:

Virphy the Documents

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